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Thread: 2018 FIBA Women's World Cup

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    The Opals second unit outperformed their starters because they actually moved the ball around and got penetration from their guards and the US has had trouble with those things defensively. The starters didn't seem to have a backup plan for Cambage not dominating individually.

    US qualifies automatically for the 2020 Olympics but I think they still have to play in the qualifying tournaments in FIBA's new system. Would be a great opportunity to work in younger players but who knows what the scheduling will be like or who will want to show up.
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    Congrats to USA team winning the 3rd straight WC title, even if not at its best and in the process of rejuvenating its rosters. Fine tournament of newcomer Belgium and good results of African teams.


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    Amazing year for Stewie, winning same honors after WNBA season and finals.

    Griner named Player of the Game.

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