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Thread: Wael Arakji in the Beijing Fly Dragon

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    Default Wael Arakji in the Beijing Fly Dragon

    PPG: 16.6
    RPG: 4.8
    APG: 7.2
    SPG: 1.4
    BPG: 0.0

    Regular Season

    W vs Sichuan Whales: 7pts, 4reb, 8ast, 1stl.
    L vs Xinjiang Flying Tigers: 22pts, 2reb, 9ast, 1stl.
    W @ Bayi Deers: 11pts, 5reb, 4ast.
    L @ Zhejiang Lions: 18pts, 2reb, 9ast, 2stl.
    W vs Jiangsu Dragons: 25pts, 11reb, 6ast, 3stl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kings View Post


    Regular Season

    @ Guangdong Southern Tigers:
    vs Sichuan Whales:
    vs Xinjiang Flying Tigers:
    @ Bayi Deers:
    @ Zhejiang Lions:
    vs Jiangsu Dragons:
    One of the very best point guards in Asia at present. And may turn out to be the No. 1 point guard of Asia in the very near future.
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    Yes and no...He has to improve the reading of the game and his shooting from the 3, he has to improve his FT and he has to keep the focus in the court (too nervous).
    He's still young but i can't see him as a leader right now because of all that.
    However in term of basketball he's absolutely one of the best PG but till now i prefer Castro, Kamrani, Sam Daghlas, and even Fahed over Arakji.
    Good luck to him in China. Im sure he will do great over there.

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