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    Hu Jinqiu is the best Chinese big man since Zhou Qi without a doubt. Like Zhou Qi, he is also skinny and mobile. While he doesn't have Zhou Qi's physical potential (height and crazy wingspan) he may already be a better player because the guy doesn't shy away from physical contacts and is, in my opinion, a better rebounder. (Zhou Qi is the better defender.)

    Age: 1997
    Height:210cm (he was 208cm at the 2014 FIBA U17 worlds)
    Position: PF
    Team: Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (3rd year)

    2017-18 stats (after 17 games):
    MPG: 36min
    PPG: 21.9
    RPG: 10.1
    FG%: 69.8%
    FT%: 81.5%

    This website ranks him 56th in their "Top 100 NBA Draft Prospects" lists:

    Hu Jinqiu is a terrific offensive player. He runs the floor every fast break, is aggressive in his drives to the basket, and has a soft, smooth touch, not just around the basket but also in mid-range and from free throws. His footwork, though a little clumsy, is also solid. He's very young so there's still plenty of room to improve:

    * Get stronger and bigger - obvious, but he has a larger frame than Zhou Qi so this part isn't too difficult
    * Develop a back-to-basket game - he may not have to use it much but it will expand his offensive arsenal. Right now he's prone to offensive fouls the way he rams into opponents.
    * Develop a left hand hook shot - right now he only goes right
    * Get better defensive positions - this is his biggest weakness because of his hyperactivity, but this will surely improve

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