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Thread: Zhou Qi in the NBAGL Rio Grande Valley Vipers

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    Default Zhou Qi in the NBAGL Rio Grande Valley Vipers

    PPG: 11.0
    RPG: 6.3
    APG: 1.1
    SPG: 0.5
    BPG: 2.3

    Regular Season

    113:115 WIS 15pts 4reb 3ast 2blk
    104:111 AUS 10pts 4reb 1ast 1stl 5blk
    138:124 MHU 18pts 5reb 2stl 4blk
    139:121 SCW 3pts 8reb 1ast 2blk
    107:109 CTN 6pts 5reb 2blk
    137:129 TEX 13pts 5reb 4ast 4blk
    108:113 NAS 11pts 6reb 4ast 1blk
    124:118 SBL 23pts 8reb 2ast 1stl 2blk
    157:134 MHU 21pts 9reb 3ast 1stl 3blk
    127:114 WES 9pts 11reb 2ast 3blk
    125:127 MHU 15pts 6reb 1ast 1stl 2blk
    109:99 RNO 10pts 7reb 1blk
    114:115 SLC 9pts 5reb 2stl
    117:123 NAS 9pts 5reb 1ast 2blk
    119:101 IWA 9pts 5reb 1blk
    109:98 AUS 11pts 11reb 4blk
    132:121 OKL 13pts 5reb 1stl 2blk
    117:111 IWA 8pts 8reb 1stl 5blk
    112:123 AUS 7pts 6reb 1stl 2blk
    119:116 FWN 11pts 6reb 1ast 1stl 1blk
    132:131 SLC 7pts 2reb 1ast 1blk
    119:105 SLC 16pts 6reb 2ast 2blk
    115:104 TEX 7pts 8reb 1stl 2blk
    99:114 OKL 4pts 5reb 2blk


    107:100 TEX 9pts 6reb 1stl 3blk
    91:117 AUS 3pts 6reb 1stl 4blk
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    He's playing a little better offense after sitting out for a couple of weeks, posting up and being aggressive. I'm sure he'll get better as he gets stronger.
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