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    Default NBL Salaries

    Hey I'm looking for both domestic and foreign player salaries for the NBL. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Figures given here are guesstimates from the Australian basketball community, given that these are not publicly available. Note that the Australian NBL season is only from late October/early November until late February/early March. Therefore, many leading players freelance in Europe, the Philippines or Puerto Rico after that for extra coin. Unlike Europe, clubs may or may not include add ons including accommodation, car, medical, etc, and no club will pay tax, hence figures are gross.

    1. Bryce Cotton (Perth Wildcats) $A600K*
    1. David Andersen (Melbourne United) $A600K^
    3. Chris Goulding (Melbourne United) $A400^
    4. Kevin Lisch (Sydney Kings) $A350-$400K#
    5. Casey Prather (Melbourne United) $A350K*
    6. Casper Ware (Melbourne United) $A300-$A350K*
    7. Josh Childress (Adelaide 36ers) $A250-$A300K*
    7 Josh Boone (Melbourne United) $A250-$300K*
    9. Cameron Bairstow (Brisbane Bullets) $A250K^
    9. Kirk Penney (New Zealand Breakers) $A200K+

    * import, ^ local, # US born naturalised Australian, 2016 Olympian, +NZ national, considered local.

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