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Thread: Yao "50-50" to play in world games

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    Default Yao "50-50" to play in world games

    He seems to be progressing, I hope this injury doesn't hamper his progress he made this past NBA season... from ESPN: Link to Article

    Yao can stop wearing boot on left foot
    Yao Ming has been cleared to start wearing regular shoes instead of a protective boot on the left foot he injured in April.

    An examination Tuesday showed that the Houston Rockets center's recovery is ahead of schedule and he'll be allowed to run on an underwater treadmill, The Houston Chronicle reported.

    "His rehabilitation is on track," Rockets spokesman Nelson Luis told the paper. "The healing process has gone faster than his doctors expected. He is ahead of schedule."

    Yao broke his left foot April 10 in a game against Utah and sat out the final four games of the season. He underwent surgery that week to repair the fifth metatarsal bone in his foot. Yao's agent has said he hopes the 7-foot-6 center can be back on the court in June and prepared to play for China in this summer's world championships.

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    Default Yao "50-50" to play in world games

    From Yao Half way to World Championships

    Yao says he's "50-50" to play in world games
    HOUSTON (AP) - Yao Ming said his chances of playing for China this summer in the world championships are "50-50" as he continues to recover from a broken left foot.

    The 7-foot-6 Yao will head to Shanghai in the next week to continue rehabilitation. He broke the fifth metatarsal in the foot on April 10 in Utah and had surgery four days later. Doctors have ordered him not to play basketball until Aug. 1.

    The tournament starts in Japan on Aug. 19, giving Yao just over two weeks to get ready.

    "That's 50-50," Yao said Fiday. "Two weeks for me, I don't know. I'm going to try to get into my best shape in that time.

    "If I really cannot get into the best shape, I better not go, because the world championship is a very big thing for most of the (Chinese) players."
    Yao had a cast removed from the foot last week and he's been jogging in regular shoes for the first time since the injury. Now, all he needs is his conditioning.

    "Everything for me is very tiring right now," said Yao, who averaged 34 minutes in 57 games last season.

    Even if he misses the world championships, Yao said he'll be ready to play by the time the Rockets open training camp.

    "I still have plenty of time until October," he said. "That's good enough for me."

    While he's behind in his offseason conditioning, Yao said he's still been able to work on his game this summer, breaking down film of himself and shooting jump shots.

    He went through a similar rehab process last season, when he missed 21 games following toe surgery. He established himself as one of the league's top centers when he returned, averaging 26 points and 12 rebounds after the All-Star break. He topped 30 points six times in March.

    "I always want to do more, whatever will make me better," said Yao, who averaged 22 points and 10 rebounds last season. "It's pretty similar to my injury in the season. I can do some things on the court right now.
    "Not the post moves yet, but pretty soon, I think."

    Yao has set two statistical goals for next season: more minutes and a higher field goal percentage. He shot 52 percent from the field last season, but his goal is 55 percent.

    "I hope I can stay more minutes on the court. I believe that would help the team," Yao said. "My field-goal shooting needs to go up a little bit.
    "I have a lot of work. I need to work on my skills, I need to work on my shot. Everything."

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    Post Yao Ming today repatriates,Went to battle the world series was still the unknown

    The Beijing standard time on June 21 the news, this afternoon about 18
    o'clock, Chinese men's basketball team top-quality ball game star Yao
    Mingjiang will fly to the Shanghai Pudong airport from US, will return
    to homeland prepares to join the Chinese men's basketball team the

    Team of the Yao disclosed to the Sina sports that, Yao Mingzhei
    is and the physical ability trains teacher Farsund to return to China
    together, he will stop over in Shanghai about 10 day, mainly will be
    carries on some bodies to restore the training. In Shanghai period,
    Yao Mingjiang will be able to process some personal matters concerned,
    but will not be able to participate in the Shanghai Yao dining room
    starting doing business.

    But clearly returns the national sports team as for Yao the concrete
    time, Yao Ming Chinese manager Lu Hao expressed at present will be
    able to confirm is Yao Mingjiang in the beginning of July to Beijing
    and the national sports team juncture.

    What was fans at present is nicest how the Yao Ming wound restores,
    regarding this Lu Hao disclosed the Yao Ming bodily situation was
    alright, his left leg just to be allowed to put on the athletic shoes,
    but the present cannot carry on the resistance training and so on the
    intense movement.

    On June 15 Yao Ming has accepted the foot department reexamination in
    US, finally demonstrated his foot bone basically healed. "His
    restoration condition already straightened out." Rocket team
    spokesperson Nelsen - Louise said that, "Yao Mingjia the bone heals
    the speed must be quicker than, he which expected doctor already
    walked in front of the restoration program which us established."

    Whether but does Yao Ming participate in World series at present or an
    unknown. Yao Ming in recently time accepted the interview time
    indicated that, "The participative opportunity is 50%. Two weeks
    restorations, I did not know can have any, I can restore as far as
    possible to my best condition. If I really am unable to restore to
    best condition, I or do not go good, because World series regarding the
    majority Chinese contestant said all is a count for much matter.
    (Keeps opportunity for others)"

    Although so, Chinese men's basketball team Commander in Chief
    DD still was anticipating Yao clearly returns to one's unit, he
    indicated that, "If does not have Yao Ming and the Li cedar, in
    addition the troop also has other wounded and sick questions, the
    Chinese team goes on an expedition World series the difficulty not to be
    Go~Air YI,Aaia is not enough space for you!~

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