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Thread: Medvedenko Retiring?

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    Default Medvedenko Retiring?

    According to Medvedenko's interview to he might retire.

    Some quotes:

    I can't think of basketball right now. I have seirous health problems. I will probably retire soon.

    I have an old back injury which won't allow me to participate in strong training sessions. It hurts me.

    I'm planning to undergo another physiotherapy session. I will spend some weeks in Ukraine taking mud baths and having massages. Then i will decide for my future.

    I want to keep on playing. I can still play some minutes and train reasonably. So i hope my back takes me through the season.

    I had offers from two italian clubs, one spanish club and BC Kiyv but i rejected them all. I don't want to disappoint them. If i sign a contract and doctors tell me to quit basketball after a couple of months how will i look them in the eyes?

    I will definetly NOT play in the NBA next season.

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    He is now coaching Budivelnyk's junior team.
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    It's always great to see former players working with kids.

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