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Thread: 2019 World Cup Qualifying Odyssey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight forward View Post
    The best we have after Sabonis. In Adomaitis shoes I would move Sabonis to 5 when JV sits to rest. You play your best players possible in each position naturally. If I have JV and Sabonis having an A game, I don't see anyone other than those touching position 5 particular night.
    Yeah, you now sound like we don't need another C at all. So why you kept including injured Gudaitis in your every roster then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindozas View Post
    Yeah, you now sound like we don't need another C at all. So why you kept including injured Gudaitis in your every roster then?
    I would see him playing 5-10min in the group stage only because our group is hardcore. We need back-up center, but likely to play very little role as JV and Sabonis are centers. Some people think we badly need back-up center because Sabonis will play 4 a lot, but I'm not one of those.

    Sabonis 20-25, Kuz 15-20
    JV 25-35, Sabonis 10, "Gudaitis" 0-10
    The flick from the future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawshank View Post

    all 4 experts see Butkevicius making main team...somehow im suprised by that ,maybe Hepcat this time was right ? Giedraitis only 1 expert sees him in top12 also suprising after such fantastic season.

    They agree that 8 spots are locks (we all know who) + Jankunas 9th if he comes.Plus if Maciulis and Gudaitis recover also locks,so basically one place left and all of them sees universal Butkevicius as 12th helping 3-4positions.

    For me is hard to believe that Butkevicius gonna be choosen before Giedraitis,Milaknis,Juskevicius,Kavaliauskas but maybe what Arnas brings is more needed.He will be most athletic guy in entire camp ,but still its basketball not only about athletics.Im Neptunas guy and saw Butkevicius alot, but even i dont think Arnas is that good,dont need to be prisoner of the moment after his fantastis season finish with rytas.

    i would see it more like this 9 locks (jankunas 9th)

    If Maciulis out ,Butkevicius IN
    If Gudaitis out,Kavaliauskas IN

    Giedraitis,Milaknis,Juskevicius fights for 5th guard spot
    Our only real point of disagreement is with respect to Artūras Milaknis. I think he's just too limited a player these days and if it came down to a choice between Arnas Butkevičius and Milaknis for the twelfth spot on the club, I'd take Butkevičius in a heartbeat.

    But the situation is far more complicated than that. It might come down to a choice among Butkevičius, Rokas Giedraitis and Adas Juškevičius for that twelfth slot. Then what? Whose skill set would be most needed on the team? I'll let Coach Adomaitis make that decision on the basis of what he sees at training camp.

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