So, the federation takes the first step regarding the player development matter. The youth league with new system and understanding has been founded. The teams are allowed to register only 3 '99 born players, rest of the players are supposed to be either '00 or '01 born. They are at least trying new things, with planned D-League which will be adopted for 18/19 season, these two leagues may create a positive atmosphere in country basketball, if these leagues are taken seriously by approaching enough professionalism. There are few good things that I have found interesting about these league.

- All teams competing in Basketball Super League has to compete in youth league. Yeah, there are still teams without well-established youth setups even though they have been competing at high level for years. You may see some teams try to transfer some young players from the other teams to complete their teams.

- In the old system, teams were only playing against the teams from the same city. The system didn't hurt Istanbul teams since there were enough number of teams that create competitive environment for youth players there, however the teams from rest of the region were suffering from this rule. Just imagine, how many serious teams can be seen in Gaziantep? Such a waste of time for talented players from those regions. Now, all teams will play away games just like senior teams. That means more competitive and heated games unlike past. Games will also played right before the senior team games so some attendees in pocket. Federation will cover transportation expenses and all teams will use air way to relatively distant cities like Gaziantep, Trabzon or Giresun to not waste time on travelling much.

- The all games will be recorded. They try to find a TV channel to broadcast the games, it is not likely to find one, however no matter what, the recorded games will be published on the federation site. Also, the detailed statistics will be kept. Especially statistic issue has been a pain in the ass recently. I am glad that we are going to reach detailed stats finally. Clubs also have to promote the games from their social media accounts, so be ready to see a lot of videos and photos on the Internet regarding this league. Giving that impression ''We take this league serious'' is significant for youngsters. The feeling that being followed will hopefully whip them up and set their sights on basketball much more than before. It is just a matter of process, hopefully all these good things on theory will be effective just as how they sound. In first years, clubs form their youth league teams, later on they invest more money on youth setups by virtue of fan pressure, who knows.

Efes, Fener, Tofaş and Banvit have the strongest rosters. All participants: