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Thread: Pictures from Championship game/Media response in Russia?

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    Default Pictures from Championship game/Media response in Russia?

    I'm always interested in the media response, but don't speak Russian nor know any online sites. If anybody can help me out, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to know how the people are responding to an accomplishment in a sport that's not tops in popularity, in a tournament where the public held little expectation.

    Also, I can never get enough pictures.

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    Default - here you have some pictures (just click on Следующее фото » under photo)

    I see that Russian newspapers didnt write yet about this senstation and great success ...

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    They are giving a lot of publicity.

    this are the biggest sites then you have the small ones.But of course football is always a major notice.

    They are giving a lot of info about another win of the russian tennis the fed cup and the lose in volley with spain at home.

    The team arrive in two hours to moscow.

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