MSBA Super 80 Basketball League
Written by Andre Whitehead
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Erik Buggs

Memphis will be the site for this new Fall Basketball League venture.

The Mid-South Basketball Academy is forming this league to "promote player development; as well as, keeping our players out of trouble by occupying their idle time during the off season".

The games will commence on September 4th and run through a playoff round ending on October 3rd.

The potential rosters of the eight teams in this new venture as sent to me by the director are as follows:

No game sites were provided.


Jason Jones (Ridgeway)

Lawrence Bowers (St. George's)

Trey Payne (Manassas)

Anthony Jones (Raleigh-Egypt)

Terrence Durham (Craigmont)

Chris Downey (Ridgeway)

Ben Norfleet (Raleigh-Egypt)

Curtis Lee (Kirby)

Blake Daniels (Braircrest Christian)

Cordero Macklin (Ridgeway)


Joe Jackson (Whiten Station)

Elgin Lee (Braircrest Christian)

Johnny Williams (Braircrest Christian)

Danny Harris (White Station)

Mardracus Wade (Mitchell)

Denario Robertson (Hamilton)

Cedric McAfee (Carver)

Martin Mitchell (CBHS)

Nathan Rucker (Melrose)

Mike Rose (MUS)


Elliot Williams (St. George's)

Carlos Denton (Hamilton)

Jeremy Holmes (Raleigh-Egypt)

Bobby Parks Jr. (St. George's)

Andre Boone (White Station)

Chris Crockett (Ridgeway)

Quentin Partee (Fairley)

Jacob Arnett (Tipton Rosemark)

Robert Schaffer (Sheffield)


Leslie McDonald (Braircrest Christian)

Malcolm Burton (Kirby)

Tim Peete (Central)

Marquette Murrell (White Station)

Derrick Mason (Fairley)

Marvin Williams (White Station)

Darryl Marshall (Wooddale)

Harry Greene (White Station)

Frankie Brougher (CBHS)

Melvin Brooks (Northside)


Farrakohn Hall (White Station)

Timothy Ware (BTW)

Chris House (Kirby)

Reginald Buckner (Manassas)

Joseph Northington (Southwind)

Chris Crawford (Sheffield)

Drew Barham (CBHS)

Justin Harris (Hamilton)

Kaylon Durham (White Station)

Brad Luckett (CBHS)


Sampson Carter (Ridgeway)

Anthony Sanford (ECS)

Tyler Stone (Central)

Darius Page (Southwind)

Zach Jones (Craigmont)

Marvin Veasey (Raleigh-Egypt)

Ian Clark (Germantown)

Matthew Nichols (Ridgeway)

McCoy Polk (Wooddale)

Tarik Black (Ridgeway)


Terrico White (Craigmont)

Ronald Brown (Raleigh-Egypt)

Erik Buggs (Mitchell)

Adonis Thomas (Melrose)

Jarvis Jones (Mitchell)

A.J. Cunningham (Cordova)

Marquis Wilson (Wooddale)

Larry McGaughey (BTW)

Travis Bridges (BTW)

Dominique Shellman (Ridgeway)


Arnette Moultrie (Raleigh-Egypt)

Gregg Wooten (Briarcrest Christian)

Masceo Harmon (Central)

Telvin Wilkerson (Melrose)

Reggie Fondren (Raleigh-Egypt)

Rockeem Henderson (Kirby)

Darrell Neal (Mitchell)

Johnny Dunavent (Bolton)

Patrick Coleman (White Station)

Aparecio Peggins (White Station)