Hello, I am looking to trade for the BasketballBrain full program. If anyone has this please let me know.

I have:

Train to Takeover by Damin Altizer and Tyler Relph
PGA Vol. 2 by Damin Altizer
Elite Shooting 2.0 by Drew Hanlen
Elite Guard Training 2.0 by Drew Hanlen

Taylor Allan:
Elite As An Undersized
Elite Defense 2.0
Elite Guard Training
Elite Jump Training
Elite Guard Training X
Elite Scoring 2.0
Elite Shooting 2.0
Elite Slashing 2.0
Instant Exposure
Never Lose Another One On One
Scientific Scoring
The 90% Free Throw
EGT Diet
Unstoppable 7
Also over 40 VIP vault videos

Damin Altizer:
Dominant Handles
Clutch Shooting
Scoring Machine 2.0
Point Guard Academy
Advanced Point Guard Training

Also I have the Boingvert Jump Society Membership and Program

Email me at [email protected]