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Thread: The Rodrigo Duterte Thread

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    Default The Rodrigo Duterte Thread

    Rodrigo Duterte, the duly elected 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, he is known for his colorful behavior, varied choice of words, and for his hatred against illegal drugs. His policies and recent moves have been somewhat controversial, and since his rise to power, thousands of alleged drug users have been killed. Despite this, he is still a widely popular figure, supported by 16 million Filipinos.

    He is also known to have appointed "the best and the brightest" people of the land into his cabinet (one of his campaign promises). Some of which are incidentally his frat brothers. Notable names include DOJ secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, who was generous enough to give inmates air conditioning units because of the hot weather, and Communications secretary Martin Andanar, who recently made an intelligence report public which alleged that the senate media were bribed $1,000. It was an enlightening revelation, considering that the Department of Defense had no knowledge about it.

    The value of the US dollar has been rising since the start of his reign, making online freelancers and OFWs happy.

    Other noteworthy issues:

    He is known to be intrigued by Vice President Leni Robredo's legs, even joking about it in the speech with the VP in attendance.

    He is known to be close to the People's Republic of China, even claiming they did nothing wrong to the country. This is a noteworthy issue, in light of the Chinese island development projects in the West Philippine Sea.

    His government is currently making an effort to acquit Janet Lim Napoles, the pork barrel queen, for the crime of serious illegal detention.
    Please discuss and tell us what you think about the venerable president of the Philippines!

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    Thanx for interesting story, pal
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