Any news on the BiH league 6? Since there will be a wild card in adriatic Bosnia will lose another slot (from 3 originally now to 1).
It appears Siroki is the favorite but Bosna ASA has loaded up as well Hasan Rizvic, J.R Bremer, Gordan Firic and Aleksandar Damjanovic.

Siroki has added quite a few players and has the two best individual Bosnian players this year on thier team Ivan Opacak and Stanko Barac.

Igokea has a few nice players but can't run with the horses of BiH or Siroki.

Stanko Barac and Ivan Opacak both had tremendous years.

So far Hasan Rizvic has played very well and Clearance Gilbert has done nothing for Bosna.

HORDE ZLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!