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Thread: Team USA 2019/2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtown View Post
    Good commit, but like Harden I'll wait till the offseason to see how legit it is. If his trade situation gets settled relatively quickly it's more likely, but if it drags it might not work.
    He'll be traded either after the lottery or draft night.

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    Best shoes for Outdoor play
    Hey guys,

    Recently got back in to Basketball after not playing for years Omegle and the selection of shoes out there is a bit crazy.

    I discovered that a park near us has an outdoor court and want to start playing regularly.

    Pretty sure the last couple of pairs of shoes I bought were slightly too big and not right for my build or movement style. I'm 6ft, 170lbs. Appvalley So I'm very slim and prefer to be more agile/ shifty.

    I've been watching a lot of shoe reviews on YouTube but thought I'd get some advice from people actually using them.

    I'm thinking of either Dame 5's or PG 3's.

    Any other suggestions? I'm in the UK and prefer to be able to try shoes on rather than take a risk ordering online.

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