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Thread: The Kai Sotto Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasper222 View Post
    Looking at Kai's skillset, it's like a conglomeration of Filipino bigs. Kerby's up and under, Junmar's fake pass, Danny I's footwork, etc. He's so well versed in the fundamentals which is likely Ervin Sotto's contribution. Also I don't think Greggy Barney has taught him anything (yet), but I love how he jumps straight up on defense to block shots instead of leaning towards the shooter for the foul like Greg.

    I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm so excited for this kid to make his mark in the NBA.
    Earvin Sotto Kai's pops bless you man! Credit should go to him and Kai for a lot of those Pinoy moves. It's Kai advantage. He doesnt have to dunk everything. He can finesse and finish with either hand with the Euro step. Ofcourse, the elegant shot of Mon Fernandez might one of these days be adapted by Kai together with the sky hook as well. They go well together promise. I'm still waiting though for Marlou Aquino's kili kili shot. His Ninong Ranidel also uses that.

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    I am surprised Kai doesnt have a batchmate which is European BIG man/Center.

    All Kais rivals in center spot are all americans.

    Kai will surely be an intriguing prospect(as draftroom says). Looks like He can be drafted in TOP 10.

    Bender managed to be the 4th pick. What more Kai who is more skilled.

    Nba teams in TOP 10 drafts always draft atleast one international/european players. And I think they are considering Kai as a europe big.
    Knicks,Phoenix, Bucks, Toronto, Dallas , spurs are teams fan of drafting int. Prospects.

    Dallas/Bycks will not be in lottery. Maybe Toronto also.

    Between knicks and phx. I will choose phx. Knicks are a trash organization.

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