So far this year Aleksa Avramovic has been by far the best player in KLS (Serbian Basketball League) and he has put up some amazing numbers. He was born in 1994, so a bit of a late bloomer maybe, nonetheless very talented.

He is averaging 30 minutes per game, 20.9 pts per game, 4.9 rebounds per game, 5.2 assists per game and 1.9 steals per game with an average PIR of 24 per game!!!. HE plays PG, and has decent size (6'4'' or 193cm). He has developed rapidly and his numbers are phenomenal, even though the competition has not been that great.

He is shooting around 60% from the field total, while shooting 63% for 2 and 49% for 3 from the field, as well as being a 80% free throw shooter. He had some monster games this year, like this week 39min, 15/21 FG Total, 8/10 FG 2pt, 7/11 FG 3pt, 10/11 FT , 12 rebounds, 6 assists and total 47 points and PIR of 54.0. He is dominating. In that game he destroyed Stefan Pot, which was also praised as young and talented, so much so to be even called up to the NT prep last year once Jovic got injured.

He has just signed on with BeoBasket (Misko Raznatovic) Agency, and I expect him to be pimped to a top Serbian team coming next season or moved to Mega before being sold abroad. Partizan and Zvezda are both rumored to be interested in him.