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Thread: [Bronze medal game] France - Serbia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exitche View Post
    no,actually only winners are remembered,in 10 years when you ask someone who won Eurobasket 2015 they will say Spain and wont even know vs who Spain played,i dont even remember who won bronze in 2013 EB,although i watched every single game
    With this mindset,so serbians havent won nothing already 13 years ? I can understand that such mindset has usa or spain,for them gold or nothing,but for serbia bronze is not medal? not achievement ? comon... now i understand why serbia missed 2008 and 2012 olympic games,because they quit playing after a lose.This why they can go till final one year and can not qualife from the group the another year....For me this is quiters mindset,if you are fighter,you will fight not only when it goes your way,but fight even harder trying to show that will not quit after heart breaking loses happens.Such mindset is alllowing you to perform well, but it also can kill you from inside.This why you have all those up and downs in last 13 years.
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