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Thread: Which young players will make an impact in EB 2017?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Chacho View Post
    Pau Gasol

    The most promising youngs at Spain are Vives, Abrines, DÝez and Willy Hernangˇmez (his brother Juancho too). We will need them, but if not, we can rely in a 37 years old player, Gasol deserves that credit.
    Adria Gasol will be the MVP of EuroBasket 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slice me nice View Post
    You didn't use ''difference maker'' title for these player in your first post I agree with you if you meant difference makers. Though how many teams have this kind of player in their roster, almost half of them. I can't see star players in every roster. Some have few that they are lucky, some have one that they depend on that player too much and some have no player who can change the destiny that they look for a miracle. So it is not about age but the quality of player and his winner character.

    Young players can make serious impacts but are they be able to run the things on their own, it is doubtful. If they manage to be that effective then they appear as phenomena players.
    Usually young players bring the team down to a lower level. Some very good young players can manage and be useful to the team. But the number of players that can carry a team, a medal candidate, these are less than a handful. At the category 23 and under I'm thinking Rudy Govert for France (23), Jonas Valanciunas (23) for Lithuania, Giannis Antetokoumpo (20) for Greece. Aside from them Gentile (23) comes close, but not quite.

    There's plenty of other very talented young players. Players like Abrinez for example. But they are in no position to carry Spain to a medal. Spain would fall short big time.
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    You don't have to be the best player on the floor to make an impact. For example Bogdanovic as a young player last year was an impact and even difference maker last year for Serbia at WC. He wasn't the best player. Kalinic's defense and transition made a huge impact etc.

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    Well, although he is born in 1994, Jusuf Nurkic would have been a tough challange for most of the Eurobasket 2015 centers, if he actually played. But right now it seems that he will play for Bosnian national team as much as Ilgauskas played for Lithuania

    As for pottentialy new young players for Eurobasket 2017, I expect from Edin Atic (1997) to be a starting five player at that time. He would have big minutes already on the Eurobasket 2015 if he wasn't injured. Of course it all depends on his progress, he moved to AEK in Greece couple of weeks ago, we will see.

    My second pick is Kenan Karahodzic (1996), but once again it all depends on his progress. He is a Unicaja Malaga players, there were some rumors that he will be loaned to Manresa, and he really needs some playing time on good level.

    As for others Bosnian players, there are Adin Vrabac(1994), Nedim Buza(1995), Emir Sulejmanovic(1995), Imran Polutak(1996), Ammar Gegic(1998), Njegos Sikiras(1999), Dzanan Musa(1999)...but most of them are not that good anyway or just too young, but yeah, some of them will make a final roster for Eurobasket 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victorious View Post
    Rudy Govert for France (23).
    Rudy Gobert can't carry France, not even close I mean, can France go to him offensively? Not even close. Can he hit a clutch FT? Not even close. He will be huge at D, but I think he'll never be good enough offensively to reach that category.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight forward View Post
    Rudy Gobert can't carry France, not even close I mean, can France go to him offensively? Not even close. Can he hit a clutch FT? Not even close. He will be huge at D, but I think he'll never be good enough offensively to reach that category.
    I mostly agree. Rudy Gobert is very exaggarated, both offensively and defensively. He has not any weapon at offence, looked like 16-year-old ameteur against Pau Gasol and was blocked by Pau three times '' officially''( I counted 4 times). Even Semih Erden hadn't looked bad until our guards locked down by Frenchies. He is Ímer Aşık-type player, no more no less. He can never bring his team up.

    Ante, Jonas, Hezonja, De Colo and Vucevic can do it. I would also add Enes Kanter but seems like he will never play for Turkish NT so I cannot count him. Anyway, They are ''highest quality'' players in this arena but never a '' true'' star. Jonas is not new '' Sabonis'', Hezonja not a new '' Stojakovic'', Vucevic not a new Pau Gasol... Being superstar and being '' high quality'' is different things. Players who makes huge difference are superstar like Nowitzki, Parker and Pau or Sabonis, Petrovic, Gallis, Stojakovic... I don't see any superstar potential from present situation.

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    First we should agree till what age player is "young". In Lithuania we even have unofficial term for some players - "forever promising".

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