Basketball's popularity in the US is about to rise significantly due to football's inherent safety flaws. There is now indisputable evidence that playing any form of tackle football has an extremely high risk causing CTE (similar to dementia). American population is still largely ignorant about this issue, even college and pro players are largely unaware of the true extent of the issue. The biggest problem is that American media, and sports media in particular, lead by ESPN are covering up for the NFL and college leagues. It barely even gets mentioned except in reference to the lawsuit brought forth by former football athletes. The details of this lawsuit hardly get mentioned unlike the MLB steroid scandal. The only place where people can actually find true unbiased information about how the NFL has covered up its CTE problem is through public or independent media which unfortunately most people don't really care about. People falsely assume that this whole thing is just another frivolous class action lawsuit from disgruntled former pros. This stupid Ray Rice stuff doesn't even come close to CTE in terms of the danger it poses to the NFL. Watching all the silly analysts on ESPN this week describing the Ray Rice situation as the worst PR nightmare for the NFL just made me laugh. The CTE issue isn't just about concussions. There is evidence that the accumulation of all the small hits itself can lead to CTE. And it doesn't just affect the NFL. It affects football at all levels from pop warner to high school. Fact is, football's loss is basketball's gain. I'm surprised NBA owners haven't capitalized on this huge opportunity to inform the public about football's CTE problem.