Most people at InterBasket.Net get along fine. This is a big site with very few problems and everyone has freedom of speech here.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you can help keep this site strong.

• Use common courtesy
• Exercise your good judgment
• Debate respectfully
• Translate to English by yourself or with a computer program
• Build a good reputation
• Report offensive behavior using the "report" buttons

• Abuse, stalk, or insult other users (even if they deserve it or started it)
• Spam, flood, or irritate
• Intentionally start arguments or flame wars
• Make off-topic posts

• Avoid discussing issues that are sensitive to other users. Some issues are obviously upsetting, especially issues of nationality. You won’t solve anything by making such discussions.
• The best way to end any argument is to simply write "Whatever " and stop posting in that topic.
• Spamming includes unwanted advertising. It is usually not a good idea to create a new post just to advertise another website. If your first post is a link to an ad for used basketball socks, you’ll probably get banned. (If an outside website is relevant to a discussion, post a link. Feel free to post a link to your personal website or blog in your signature).
• Keep images and signatures at a reasonable size so that the site is easy for everyone to download. 450 pixels by 100 pixels is the largest size for a signature, even if the picture in your signature is linked to another site. • To avoid flooding (posting too much about the same thing in an inappropriate discussion), create threads for specific topics that you post a lot about. There is no need to interrupt the discussion of “EuroLeague Rumors and Signings” with lots of posts about the scores in the Andorran Division III League. Make a new thread about the Andorran Division III League and get people excited.
• The “UN Forum” at the bottom of the forums homepage is a great place for “off-topic” discussions.
• In the past, a few loud users have had trouble avoiding sensitive issues and insulting other users. When this happens, it is usually because of a sports rivalry that does not need to be dramatized on the internet. Remember: there are probably a few nice Lakers fans somewhere in the world, so don’t call them all “idiots.”
• Please provide reputable links when you can. Links to online newspapers are clearly more reputable than links to a forum that contains wild rumors. If the link is not in English, please provide a translation.

If users decide to damage the quality of InterBasket.Net by insulting, flooding, spamming, or otherwise violating the integrity of InterBasket.Net, moderators usually send several warnings. The moderators here are very patient and a simple reminder to the violating user is usually the end of the issue. However, should a user continue to hurt the discussion at InterBasket.Net, it will result in a series of temporary bans and, if the violations continue, end in a permanent ban.

There have been users in the past who joined InterBasket.Net and immediately started making racist or other prejudicial comments. These cases are always obvious and such users are banned without discussion.