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Thread: Get me back to playing overseas, Avg. 26 ppg in Oberliga last year, CONTACT ME!

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    Default Get me back to playing overseas, Avg. 26 ppg in Oberliga last year, CONTACT ME!

    My name is Kyle Baughman,

    I played basketball in college at Mount Aloysius College D3.
    I am a scorer, passer and I played hard nosed- all out defense every possession.

    I played for OTV in the oberliga in Germany for a couple months and averaged 26 pts. per game. Some Family issues back home caused me to cut my time in Germany short. I miss playing on a team overseas everyday and I am going to do anything and everything I can to get back to where I was overseas playing ball. It has been about 2 months since I have left Germany because of the family matter. I still play ball 5 times a week and my game has only improved. I look forward to helping a team out in anyway that I can, I know most of the seasons are in the middle of competition right now but I am willing to come in and prove myself right away. I was born to play basketball and I would still be successful today if I not had to return early to the states.

    I am a big-hearted kid, I love to have fun but winning is still the most important thing to me. I am 6"2' 205 ... Solid, lean muscle, My conditioning and strength is well above average.

    Please I am willing to play anywhere in Europe and willing to discuss money situations and housing arrangements with a flexible mindset.

    My email address is ... I have a cell phone but I am weary to give that out over a forum.

    PLEASE if you are a serious agent or coach do not hesitate to talk to me and get to know me and I will help any team win with my ability to play the game with my high IQ and my heart and passion for winning is incomparable.

    Thank you !!

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    I am Eliezer Zamora a License fiba basketball agent based in United State I am currently recruiting players for clubs in USA, Spain,England and Germany basketball team..Am now using this medium to ask you, if you will be interested in a tryout football clubs.If interested, Kindly forward to me your previous playing experience and your CV (resume) to have a look at it and send it to some clubs in America European basketball league.Kindly send me your CV(resume) as soon as possible.

    Hope To Hear From You

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