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    I am an American citizen born, raised, and currently living near Detroit, Michigan. I am of Pakistani and Indian ancentsry. I am dedicated and working extremely hard to make it as a professional basketball player ANYWHERE in the world that I can make a team. Basketball is my true love and my drug. Growing up I was the only one of my skin color in schools, sort of an outcast, so never tried out for teams. In the past two years after I have taken the game very seriously. However, my only experience against top competition is playing in pickup games at a local gym where some professionals and ex professionals play as well. I never like to sound arrogant but my stamina is unmatched by anyone on these basketball courts. Energy is my greatest asset by far, when im not confident in my shot or ball handling I gladly do all the dirty work=run the floor, get to loose balls, and play hard defense (especially help defense). The best players (including current and former college players as well as a professional playing in Britain) who come to Joe Dumars Fieldhouse in Michigan respect and recognize me as a player for my skill but even more for my effort. All of this despite my size (5'8") and Pakistani skin tone which still makes me feel inadequate at times I use the feeling of being viewed by some to be the wrong size and color to play this game as fuel which makes me run that much harder and for that much longer. Feelings of resentment and heart break are my most painful memories but my greatest self-motivators. Realistically I dont think I could make it pro in America but I truly believe I can make a team somewhere in the world and I would happily play for simply food and a room. Im new this forum stuff but if anyone could give me insight on how to make this a reality I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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    I am Eliezer Zamora a License fiba basketball agent based in United State I am currently recruiting players for clubs in USA, Spain,England and Germany basketball team..Am now using this medium to ask you, if you will be interested in a tryout football clubs.If interested, Kindly forward to me your previous playing experience and your CV (resume) to have a look at it and send it to some clubs in America European basketball league.Kindly send me your CV(resume) as soon as possible.

    Hope To Hear From Yo

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