I have a question.

I'm 14 years old my height is 5'9 and i wish to dunk a 10ft rim.
I can touch the 10ft basket net normally-

I'm doing 10 exercises evreyday now.
I started doing vertical increse workouts now two days ago.
Some of my exercises are : plyometrics, line sprint, and some easy squats.

Ive played basketball 1 and a half year now.
I'm at my schools basketball team.

Do i have a change at the end of the year to dunk a 10ft basket and im still growing a little bit?

Criticism is allowed and all the recommendations are welcome.
Sorry if i have some mistakes in the text, im not english.

Do i have to make more workouts?
How tall are you and can you dunk a 10ft rim?

Example - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6igEZ_jSD4