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Thread: 2013 10th SEABA Championship

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    Someone wants to hide their nt by showing to us the followers of sea basketball that hey we can never get the job don't bother scout us..

    Thailand's NT back in Asia Cup qualifiers is same as their SEABA championship team making them a medal contenders coming SEA games..

    Malaysia would send a team who can shoot the lights out..

    the rest are minnows..All SEA teams can be beaten by our cadet team if we prepare hard for SEA games

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenarcher View Post
    If the Indonesia Warriors really just wanted to "rest" then they have no one else to blame for their demise.

    This tournament is just 4 games with the last game (championship) just for formality. How tiring can this tourney be? It's not like they were exhausted in the ABL playoffs anyway, only Wuysang played heavy minutes. The other locals played sparingly.
    true. i wonder why even rony gunawan didn't play. he would've made a difference.
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