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Thread: Where are they now?

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    Default Where are they now?

    Hi guys,

    Tell us about some interesting stories about the former basketball players from your counties. What are they doing after the end of their careers? Have they started some new interesting careers, which do not include basketball?


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    In the 1979-80 season the Brownsville Bomber averaged over 30 ppg while shooting 36% from three.

    World B. Free may be the most underrated 30 ppg player in the league's history. And unlike other forgotten greats, World B. Free did not play in the 50s against Milkmen. He played until the end of the 80s and played against the likes of Jordan, Magic, Robinson, Kareem, Hakeem.

    I say it's time for this sub to stand up and Free the legacy of the great World B. Free.

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