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Thread: The Iran Job

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    Default The Iran Job

    Actually read this from another forum. A movie was made about an American basketball player in Iran:

    Official website: The Iran Job

    Film released September 28 according to the site. Except for what i've read in that forum and what i'll read on the site i know nothing about it. Do you have other info on this? i thought the trailer was good.

    Images from the site:

    *Not sure if i should post here in the Iran sub-forum or the entire OT or Asian OT subforum...
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    Looks interesting. Here's more info:
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    Hahha, itís a tricky topic! Iím trying to find a job and Iím checking any existing possibility to get a position. So I thought you made this topic because you have some stuff to offer I donít live in Iran, but Iíve heard from my friends who traveled there that it was amazing country, so I used the service of resume writing group and was ready to move. Here do you live? Is there any working possibility right there?

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