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Thread: Quarterfinals: Greece vs Nigeria

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    you are not in the Olympics, get over it.
    Visit for Nigerian Basketball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotela View Post
    you are not in the Olympics, get over it.
    Please show a little more class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympiacos View Post
    Please show a little more class.
    That coming from you? How long will it take for you to let that topic go? Never?
    Lets put it that way: Yeah, FIBA called the Nigerian coach and the powerful Nigerian basketball federation (They have money in the basement and oil in their tanks you would not believe) and assured them that in crucial moments during the tournament and whenever its a close game, that their refs will be whistling for them if they are going to send one full ship of oil to Geneva. Since the Greeks have no oil and usually love to debate til the sun is up, they refused finally FIBA's offer to pay them to advance to London which would have cost additional money and so on and so on.
    Are you happy now with explanation why they did not call the foul on Spanoulis?

    PS: You know absolutely nothing about how Nigerian media works and what coaches in Nigeria have to say in order to get some support by the government. Less than 1% of the money that the government puts into football is the budget of Nigerian hoops. Go ahead and figure how much money they have to bribe FIBA...

    I from Wisconsin!


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