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Thread: Songs dedicated/allusive to basketball players

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    Default Songs dedicated/allusive to basketball players

    Inspired by this post by qiangdade, let's post songs that were dedicated or refer to basketball players.
    A good thread for worldbasketball I can guess

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    Thanks Rikhardur

    The only way I would start this is to put this tribute to Drazen Petrovic
    Then we move on....

    So first Drazen

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    Songs about MAGIC JOHNSON


    Red Hot Chilli Peppers wrote a song about Los Angeles Lakers star basketball player Magic Johnson. The band are huge Lakers fans

    "Buck" was the nickname given to him by his Lakers teammates, they didn't call him "Magic"
    So that's what you hear in the song

    I just adore the song

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "Magic Johnson Song"
    It's from the album "Mother's Milk"


    Then there is this adorable song by a 9-year old girl Niki Rios
    You might think it is so stupid and cliche
    Then it hits you

    Its about AIDS when Magic Johnson tested positive HIV

    I wonder what happened to this girl
    Is she proud of this now..
    You should know people still love you for this!

    She sings

    Thank you Magic Johnson,
    For showing us what’s true.
    Your greatness will save us.
    God will smile on you.
    Now we know the way, and what’s right to do.
    Thank you, Magic Johnson!
    We all love you!


    L.O. in "Magic Johnson"

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    Comedian musician Derek Nestor of Dinosaur Project

    A comic and hillarious take on Magic and tons of other NBA players LOL

    The photos added by the uploader add to the hilarity of the song...

    This is performed at Catches Open Mic

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    For better visibility of the link

    Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - "Arvydas Sabonis"

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    MC Jin --- "Knick of Time"

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    Default Too Damn Funny Not to Post: the Melo Song

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    If there is no basketball in heaven, i am NOT going.

    SMALLBALL, bitches..

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