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Thread: goin to Amsterdam, I have some questions.

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    Default goin to Amsterdam, I have some questions.

    Hey guys, I'm going to Amsterdam with a friend in February (8th-14th) and I have some questions
    1)public transportation-is it comfortable? are the prices reasonable? is it easy to understand for foreign people or I'm gonna need the help of the locals?
    2)prices in bars/pubs/nightclubs etc- what're the prices of drinks over there? I could also use the prices of 'special' brownies And another thing, what would be a reasonable budget for a person for a day? (not including hotel, already paid for that)
    3)interesting and cheap attractions in Amsterdam, gimme what you got.
    4)tips in general from those who already been there, your experiences are also welcomed
    thanks guys.

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    I have spent approximately four hours in Amsterdam so I can't tell you much, but I will say that the train from the airport to the city is great and super-convenient.
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