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Thread: Lebanon National Team in the Doha Arab games 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavrick_h View Post
    The FLB president confirmed the theory on Sunday night on LBCI. I was watching what he said on Sports Mag. ''12 k/month was the salary for Baldwin, why waste another 10 months of his contract paying him 120 k which we don't have and we all know he's not gonna do anything during this period.''

    He just confirmed the non-professionalism of his work.
    LOL !! good point MAV !!...... 3al mafdou7 man.... ma 7ada byest7e !!..and they think they r right !!!.....if they dont have the money....laken let them resign !! PERIOD !!.....shi bi kharreh w bi la33e (tra: that is very shitty)!! =/

    Long Live Lebanon !! (Except All the Politicians !!)

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    thanks for sharing

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