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Thread: Live Performances

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    Queen at Live Aid
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    Passenger (real name Mike Rosenberg - UK)

    On Dutch radio

    All The Little Lights

    Let Her Go


    ...and here's one live in London

    I Hate

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    Skip the Use (French band) - "Ghost"

    This band, its singer Mat Bastard, drummer Manamax Catteloin, and the joining choir of kids just takes my breath away in this stunning performance

    This is what live should mean

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    A man and his guitar... Need I say more

    Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) -- In Pinkpop festival

    45 minutes of just utter charm
    Throwing in some very surprising covers as well in a cheeky way.

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    Dolly Parton -- "Just When I Needed You Most"
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    Swedish band "I'm from Barcelona" in "Always Spring" live in program More Is More - Episode 3

    The beautiful accompaniment of Jonkoping Sinfonietta

    Another live performance of this. I like the spirited backing vocalists and the excited muiscians LOL

    If you want the original

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    Marie-Eve Janvier & Jean-François Breau

    An adorable French Canadian couple singing covers to each other on a live radio show in Montreal (radio NRJ)

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    Cat Stevens

    Live at Williamsburg, Virginia 1976
    Just an hour and quarter of pure magic!

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    Great Big Sea (Canada) - "Lukey"

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    I put this live performance just for the drummer Steve Moore (known as The Mad Drummer)

    Check out his website at:

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    Stromae in Montreal. I was there and had great memories of these performances. A true ambiance! It was in October 2013, so you canimagine my delight when I discovered these on YouTube.



    The classic "Alors on danse"

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    Pierre Lapointe (Quebec, Canada) in his ultimate hit that coined his career -- "Deux Par Deux Rassemblés"

    But here done in tongue in cheek with a sweet charm, self-deprecating humouristic attitude of the performer reproduced live and only on piano with comic eye, hand and vocal gestures... and public participation so receptive. This is in a very small theatre called Corona in Montreal, just takes probably 100-150 people LOL

    Another take, another delightful live performance from 2009 at the metropolis in Montreal. You know there's something very right if the musicians themselves have a bowl with the singer...

    Here the original for those who don't know the song by this Quebec singer

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