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Thread: One era just ended?

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    I think my post will be in again in "wrong context".
    ,but have you considered extended player's longevity nowadays?
    Players get to play for so much longer nowadays,those taking away vital years from younger players development at the highest level,like letting them make mistakes or even giving them enough playing time.Even mediocre players stay well over 30 at the top level,because they are so established and handsomely paid.Surely that put on hold many carriers.Some big names were just a shadow of their heyday,but still preferred to younger talent.And no one is willing to wait for success too.Now.NO matter what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwijibo View Post
    I have to say 1 thing. More or less since 75 to 82-83 there is a boom in the natality and more kids born in those years. Then due to some social conditions european childrens and more in the most development countries have stagnant birth rate

    you are too smart for this forum. find some other

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