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I dont want to see Nene on the team. The rumours were, that he took "enhancement pills" and faked an injury back then to be not included in Istanbul, otherwise he would have tested positive. (That comes from tow Brazilian journalists that I've met there).

Varejao is always good for the Olympics. If the Russian cheerleaders going to be there as well, he will be scoring a lot in their bed-room. Same with Leandrinho

Marcelinho Machado was the X-factor to me. Great clutch shooter. And no young gun. Also, Hettsheimer did a great job, he is the future of Brazilian hoops.

Dominicans on the other hand should change the coach and get someone, that knows the international game. Playing man-to-man defense on weak legs...
the other history, its Nene's american wife had problems with her passport to get into Turkey...

its an rumor, no one know exactly about this.... but he was not injuried, this is 100% true.

with him, we could finished in 1st Group position in WC, and made semi-finals against Lithuania... buuuuuuuuuuut, this is the life, idiot problems, questions... and who lose with this is us, fans, supporters of brazilian basketball... more white hairs!

Calipari was fine, did a good job, better than last coach did in 2009.

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Vasquez didn't make the team
Scolas mvp
agreed... Vasquez out not was fine to me too.