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Thread: FIBA Americas - Day 4

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    Watching this tournament I can't help but think Argentina and Puerto Rico are just on another level from the other teams. I see them both in the Olympics. Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Canada I see go to additional qualifiers.
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    Dtown I think we should reserve those kind of comments until the second round ends.

    One thing I could say its a big change how we went from barely beating the Argentina B team with our complete team, to almost beating Argentina A team with an incomplete team(I have doubts of considering this team our B team as only Huertas, Vassallo, Peavy and Ramos I consider key players).

    I honestly think Flor has only 40% part of this improvement. Why? Because back in PR he had said he was just looking to qualify the team to the Olympics and spoke as if PR had no chance against Argentina. Now after the game he spoke as if he was surprised with how close the game was. 60% of the improvement must be for the team wanting to win.
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