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Thread: Sports Music Videos

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    Chico Slimani (Moroccan-Welsh singer and former X Factor contestant in the UK

    Song is "It's England Time" in support of England Football Team

    Promotion for the song

    This is actually a remake of an earlier #1 British hit for him called "It's Chico Time". It is also a sports theme featuring cheer leaders and sports kids.

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    V in "You Stood Up"

    V in "Blood, Sweat and Tears"

    (Boys into a lot of different sports...)

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    Jay Sean and Karl Wolf - "Yalla Asia"

    theme song for the Asian Nations Football Cup

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    Marijonas, Mantas, Mia - "Celebrate Basketball"

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    Mo Sabri - "Johnson City, Tennessee"

    Tributes to all sports in the city... and all its fans. A delightful song from an obviously sympathetic rapper / musician... although his car is too much... I'm just saying LOL

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    Flo Rida "Good Feeling"

    Huge amount of sports...

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    Dappy - "No Regrets"

    Featuring a lot of boxing

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    Yves LaRock - "Rise Up"

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    Rik Mayall - "Noble England"

    Football (soccer)

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    Senit - "Everytime" ("Panini for Charity")

    All sports in a beautifully shot video

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    Toby Keith - "How Do You Like Me Now?"

    American sports and cheerleading

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    Celtics FC featuring Thai Tims

    "I Just Can't Get Enough" - an official single in charity of the The Good Child Foundation for Thai children with Down Syndrom

    The version done by the kids themselves from a Depeche Mode hit with modified lyrics in memory of their slain Scottish beloved teacher Reamonn Gormley who taught them English for a year and was murdered when he returned to Scotland. He was just 19.

    And here's footage about the young gentleman who stole the hearts of the Thai kids before dieing in his hometown


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    If you have sports fetish LOL

    Cut Copy - "Need You Now"

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    MV (Misteur Valaire) - "Dan Dan"

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    Jake Owen (USA country) - "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"

    Water skating

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    Robin Packalen (Finland) - "Frontside Ollie"

    A skating song

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    "Chaddi Wale Yaar" is a song from a Canadian comedy film about a group of South Asian ice hockey players called in the film the "Speedy Singhs"....

    Another from the delightful "Speedy Singhs" Canadian film also kniown incidentally as "Breakaway"

    "Ne Aaja Veh"

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    Rednex - Football is our Religion

    Football, the soccer type LOL

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    American football.. in Austria

    Trackshittaz in "Touchdown"

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    Madonna feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj - "Give Me All Your Luvin' "

    Cheerleading and American football fetish

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