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    Default Paraguay National Team

    Interview with the coach on Nice to see they expect to be competitive

    Quote Originally Posted by Arturo Alvarez
    The first objective is to enjoy something historic for the country. We have players who will be taking photos with their NBA rivals. It will be an historic occasion for many of them to play against some of their idols like (Argentina's) Manu Ginobili. Second, we expect to fight every game for an upset. The third and most important expectation is dreaming of moving to the next phase, which means needing to defeat one of the rivals in the group.
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    Most ppl get childish when they lose.
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    refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players

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    Quote Originally Posted by JGX View Post
    Interview with the coach on Nice to see they expect to be competitive
    That's funny -- taking photos with Manu Ginobili is their first goal, and there second goal is to get some upsets.
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    Funny. I don't know how good Paraguay is but this reminds me after Saudi Arabia lost to China 10-98 in 2005 Asian Championship, the players requested Yao Ming take a photo with them.

    And Yao didn't even play in that game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvblair View Post
    That's funny -- taking photos with Manu Ginobili is their first goal, and there second goal is to get some upsets.
    This reminds me of when Uruguay played against Team USA in the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship.

    The Uruguayan media heavily criticised the team for not being competitive and being obsessed in having their photos taken with the players after the game.
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    I hope their players don't have Iphones the camara in the Iphone sucks

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    PAR - Rearte gave a list of 16 players summoned for team Paraguay


    After being announced as the new coach of the National Team of Paraguay, Argentina’s Ariel Rearte gave the first list of the players’ names that will begin the teams preparation for the FIBA Americas Championship in Caracas (30 August to 11 September).

    The list informed by Rearte is composed of: Javier Martinez, Guillermo Araujo, Bruno Zanotti, Jose Fabio, Junior Peralta, Alejandro Peralta, Cristian Rhodes, Adolfo Lopez, Diego Bareiro, Edison Ortiz, Carlos Vallejos, Federico Mellone, Gustavo Torres, Ramon Sanchez, Jorge Riveros and Fernando Dose Jr.

    In the FIBA Americas Championship in Venezuela, Paraguay will be a participant in Group B; the team will face Argentina on August 30 and then face Venezuela on August 31. The team will face Mexico on September 1 and the first phase of the Tournament against the Dominican Republic on September 3.

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    The Final Roster. They missing Martinez and Zannoti due to injuries.

    Carlos Luis Vallejos
    Federico Sebastian Mellone Paredes
    Luis Ljubetic
    Ramon Gilberto Sanchez Gimenez
    Alejandro Jose Peralta Barreto
    Diego Daniel Bareiro Silva
    Luis Fernando Dose
    Edison Anibal Ortiz Zarza
    Mario González Lopez
    Adolfo Lopez Farina
    Jose Manuel Fabio
    Guillhermo Alejandro Araujo Capello

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