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Thread: Summer Songs

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    and how about this song by a new heartthrob..., so simple yet so catchy and nice sweet sweet summer song

    Cindy Santini - Hello My Love (acoustic) (live)

    and listen to this cute Taylor GS Mini by Cindy Santini and Chanelle Sladics
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    India.Arie feat. Gramps Morgan "Therapy"

    a wonderful song with a lot of guys jumping into water from high places

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    If you thought this was just for old cliche songs, they make summer videos even to this day you know. Here's the proof, fresh from the presses:

    Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil Wayne - "I'm Into You" (fresh from the presses...)
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    Karl Wolf featuring Kardinal Offishal in "Ghetto Love"

    Filmed in Jamaica

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    Skywalkr with "New Life " (an original song actually from a brand new unsigned artist)

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    summer jam

    Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo

    and my israeli fav summer song
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    Here's one where you have all the cliches you need about summer and youth

    Aaron Carter and the Baha Men in "Summertime"

    Aaron Carter was the Justin Bieber of his time LOL


    Is it Justin Bieber is the Aaron carter of our time LOL


    New Kids On The Block - "Summertime"

    Dead Prez Summertime (also basketball)

    The Sundays "Summertime" (a lot of summer fruits...)

    KEEN'V feat. SAP - "J'aimerais Trop"

    Josh Gracin - "Favorite State of Mind"
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    This is shere classic

    Peter Andre - "Mysterious girl"

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    The Underdog Project with "Summer Jam" (with basketball and other sports) LOL

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    Passion Fruit - "The Rigga Ding Dong Song"

    Passion Fruit - Bongo Man

    King Africa - "La Bomba"
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    Quote Originally Posted by GLOBO View Post

    And my israeli fav summer song
    Actually what GLOBO put was Omer Adam in "Hopa", a great interpretation.

    Here is actually a live version with the Georgian Dance Troupe

    But it is not an original song... The original is "Opa!" by Giorgos Alkaois and Friends and was the Greek entry to Eurovision Song Contest in 2010.

    Here is the music video

    Here is the live performance

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    A good Greek summer song that is my absolute favorite of 2011

    Sarbel - "Kafto Kalokairi" (Καυτό Καλοκαίρι)

    Sarbel - with DJ OmeyocaN Greggaeton Mix (Greggaeton meaning Greek reggaeton LOL)


    And hear another take: "Kafto Kalokairi" with rap and dance remix:
    Ominus feat. Alkmini feat. DjDoc & Y-Not Productions


    Another Greek song by Kokkinou Elli called "Auto to Kalokairi" but nothing to do with above song

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    A hit from Denmark

    Rasmus Thude - Til Mnen & Tilbage


    As a matter of interest, check this talented Danish new singer in LLL (Love, Liquor and Lick it), Rasmus' own song, which some stations played and listeners thought it was a brand new release by Justin Timberlake. Here he is seen on a television show just to prove it is not Justin but Rasmus Thude!

    Obviously so as not to be stuck with a Justin label, he has completely changed course with his official single "Til Mnen & Tilbage" as you see...
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    David Hsselhoff - The Limbo Dance

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    Les Jumo (The Twins) started with Salesao and Jessy Matador (of Eurovision fame). Now they are a separate duo...

    Les Jumo featuring Willy William - "C'Show"

    and their famous hit "Zoomer" effected by Culture Beat...

    Also listen to:

    Les Jumo featuring Mohombi in "Sexy"
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    JLS feat. Dev - "She Makes Me Wanna"

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    Dan Balan (Romanian singer) - "My Best Summer"

    Inna (Romanian singer) - "Sun is up"

    Inna - Deja Vu (feat. Bob Taylor)

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    R.I.O. - After The Love

    Mia Martina (Canada) - "Latin Moon"

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