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Thread: Leo Gutiérrez hits record 15 triples

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    Default Leo Gutiérrez hits record 15 triples

    It happened on 3rd this month in the game against Boca Juniors which Peñarol won 120-76 with a great help of Gutiérrez with 15/22 from beyond the arc and 48 points! He also added 7 rebounds and 2 assists.

    ACB: Óscar Schmidt, con 11/19 (1994).

    NBA: Kobe Bryant, con 12/18 (2003) y Doney Marshall, 12/19 (2005).

    NCAA: Sami Wylie, con 15/25 (Division III, 2006) y Keith Veney, con 15/25 (1996).

    Euroliga: Saulius Stombergas, con 9/9 (2001) y Thomas Kelati, con 9/19 (2009).

    Italia: Terrell McIntyre, con 10/10 (2006) y Thomas Kelati, con 10/10 (2009).

    Francia: Juric Zdovc, con 8/8 (1992).

    Turquía: Chris Lofton, con 17/22 (2008).

    Brasil: Marcelinho Machado, con 16/21 (2010).

    China: Leon Rodgers, con 15 triples (2008).

    Copa Saporta: Henry Williams, con 12/15 (1999).

    Copa Korac: Aliaksei Pyntsikau, con 11/12 (2000).

    Mundial Junior: Tony Kukoc, con 11/12 (1987).

    Final NBA: Ray Allen, con 8/11 (2010).

    Final europea: Drazen Petrovic, con 8/16 (1989).
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    Wow!! Absolutely fantastic!! I'm a big fan of Gutierrez (I'm a fan of everybody) so I'm really, really glad to see this. First Machado and then Gutierrez...South America is really setting fire from beyond the arc!

    I wish they showed some of his misses. I'd like to see what his form was like. It's textbook in the makes on the video, but I wonder about the misses....probably pretty good form, I'd imagine.

    Anyhow, thanks for the news here, Rik. And congrats to Leanardo Gutierrez!!!
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    Is their 3pt line extended?

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    No way! ...

    Simply Amazing!

    I still remember him back when he was only 22 yrs old and with a shaved head playing for the Argentinean Under 23s National Team that competed in the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia. He was hectic because he was only 6'7" and was playing the 4/5 spot alongside Pelussi (at only 6'5") and former NBA player: Walter Hermann (at only 6'8") but that small frontcourt was able to easily handle the Brazilian national team that featured two 18 year old twin towers by the name of Nene & Anderson Varejao.
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    Amazing!! I Remember our very own Allan Caidic hitting 17 triples in one game
    if im not mistaken.

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