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    Default Basketball coaches, I want to take my game to the

    hey, sup?
    i'm in the off-season, and i just came back from my hip injury, because i was over trained, i used to train for 6 hours a day, and yeah i know i was freak, but i really want to be the BEST, and i'll do any thing to achive my goal, btw i used to take 2 scoops of n.o. explode and it helped me a lot to train for 6 hours, and 1000 ml of gatorade, whatever, i used to do hard training, agillity, sprints, jumps, ball handling, shooting, games, all of them in one workout, and to be seriously must of my workout was LAZY shoots, so i got injury in the hip for 3 weaks, and it was sucks, now i'm so excaiting to play ball again, so i want from a pro coach to help me to design a PROGRAM for this summer, i want it to be clearly, and the drills, and what drills i can do it every day without getting injure, i want it to be specific, i mean, saturday i should do ... sunday ...., etc, i'm a serious player who can do any thing evem if you want me to train for 10 hours a day, i just want the proper workout that can help me to be a d1 player without being injure, whatever it takes from my life i'll do it, even if there is equipments i should buy, i'll buy it, i want the pro's workout, please help me to take my game to the next level.

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    I humbly suggest asking the help of professional basketball trainers and athletic coaching within your area or if that is not possible, try looking for a training facility that has basketball on their specialties.

    With your work-ethic, you can handle the intense physical training of what the D1 players undego.

    I hope that helps.
    Sacramento Kings

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    Basketball Training and Drills - Have questions? Come in!!!

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    great skills and drills you can find here.

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