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Thread: Covers versions of songs

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    A beautiful song from the Israeli singer called Noa in "Beautiful That Way"

    From soundtrack of an adorable Italian film

    A cover by winner of Voice of Italy the singing nun Suor Cristina Scuccia

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    Oito7Nove4 - "Pedida Perfeita"

    an excellent lively cover

    Compare to Flavel and Neto (France)

    Compare to Maykow & Mandioca

    Compare to Gabriela Moraes

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    Denmark's Eurovision song was Anis Basim al Mujahid's "Cliche Love Song"

    Here an acoustic version by Basim himself

    But I found this lovely Armenian version by Armen Hovanissyan produced by Artur Stepanyan
    Plus a free plug in for the Armenian entry "Not Alone" from Aram MP3 - how cute

    Here is the famous performance in Eurovision

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    Ahmed Koç (Turkish musician) - "Che Guevara - Hasta Siempre"

    Brilliant instrumental cover of a beautiful song

    Covering "Hotel California"

    Here Ahmet Koç covers an Arabic classic hit "Tamally Maak"
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    "Guantanamera" is a legendary song from Cuba.

    But it was relaunched with very interesting mix by one Emil Lassaria (Romania) !

    A hiphop version with rapping featuring F. Charm and vocals by Caitlyn

    In 2012 Lassaria released a more dance tune of the same

    DJ Hamida an Moroccan French DJ made this for his "A LA BIEN MIX PARTY 2013" which is just infectious

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    Fréro Delavega (French music duo) in an interesting cover of P.I.M.P. from 50 cents

    Here the famous remix by 50 Cents with Snoop Dogg, G-Unit

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    A beautiful song "Allah hi Allah Kiya Karo from "Pehchan" in (1975). Music by Nisar Bazmi, sung by Nahid Akhter.

    A modern version of same by Lebanese Swedish Maher Zain

    The same by Maher Zain by just voices without using musical instruments. Some Urdu lyrics sung by Irfan Makki

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    Les Jumo feat. Willy William -- "A l'Italienne"

    It is a cover adaptation of Frederic Francois - Je t'aime a l'italienne, here live

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllissonWatson View Post
    "Jolene" is a Dolly Parton country classic
    And how about this delightful acoustic cover by Miley Cyrus

    By Ellie Goulding

    The White Stripes

    Assembly Required feat Charlotte Millman

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