So, as myself being an admin of sports tracker - , I am searching for help -- cappers for World basketball Championship 2006. We are already like 5-6-7 guys and number is still growing. Our point is to cap & share as many games as we can. Language doesn't matter for us (of course english is better), but quality matters*. So if you could help us it would be surely appreciated, post here if you can and also post list like that in the bottom, of games which you are able to cap (that's my list and it's still not complete).** Hopefully you understood me well.

*I cap with loseless codec at 768x576 (highest resolution I am able to cap) and then render to 700 MB file (default size in sharing) and as resolution is big, quality is great (but tho rendering takes ~6h. (It's hopefully you could reach something similiar to this). Despite that I am still planing to cap & share like 3 games per day (renderign with 2 computers)

**Aug 19
5:00 Puerto Rico - USA RTR Sport - ru (live)
10:30 Turkey - Lithuania TV3 - lt (live)
12:55 Turkey - Lithuania RTR Sport - ru
19:10 Puerto Rico - USA TV3 - lt
Aug 20
7:30 Italy - Slovenia RTR Sport - ru (live)
10:30 Lithuania - Greece TV3 - lt (live)
19:10 Italy - Slovenia TV3 - lt
20:40 USA - China RTR Sport - ru
Aug 21
19:10 Germany - Spain TV3 - lt
21:00 France - Nigeria TV3 - lt
Aug 22
4:30 Lithuania - Qatar TV3 - lt (live)
Aug 23
4:30 Australia - Lithuania TV3 - lt (live)
19:10 USA - Italy TV3 - lt
Aug 24
7:30 Lithuania - Brazil TV3 - lt (live)

P.S. If you count this as an advertisement or whatever liek this, close/delete this thread, do any moderating thing you need. the point is, i'm not trying to advert, i'm trying to get some help to get people more games..