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Thread: Italy 73:72 Puerto Rico

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    Default No Disrespect intended

    thanks for the infor. I happen to be Wes Correa's ex-wife, we have two son's together. I lived down there during those years with him, during the height of his career. I am pleased to say that Wes is no longer on drugs, doing quite well, he plays in several leagues here is NY. And yes, I know all of the players your mentioned, I ate dinner at there homes and traveled with them during tournaments. Do you have any news clippings or any pictures.

    QUOTE=-K2-]1. Wes Correa was a drug addict, one of the best scorers in PR Basketball History, SF/SG. Morovis Titanes
    2. Mario Butler was panamenians, The best rebounder that have ever played in PR
    3. Jerome Mincy, currently the assistant GM on the NT. 6'8" PF who played in training camps with the Knicks, but was forced to play SF, and didnt make the roster. He developed a jump shot after that experience.
    4. Piculin Ortiz.. do I have to talk about him?
    5. Mario Sanchez? Mario "Quijote" Morales, SF, 6'8". Played for the Guaynabo Mets along with Fico Lopez. One of the best scorers back in the day. Didnt play in the NCAA cuz he couldnt speak english. Same with the NBA.
    6. Munch?
    7. you mean Edwin Pellot, right?
    8. do you know about Georgie Torres? Teo Cruz? Ruben Rodriguez? Raymond Dalmau? Pachin Vicens? El Mago Blondet? Neftali Rivera? Fufi Santori? Tinajon Feliciano? Stop with the "The one's that put PR on the map in basketball history." B.S. cuz thats not true. You are actually disrecpecting our basketball history. Thanks[/QUOTE]

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    I have some pics

    mainly Fico Lopez, Piculin Ortiz, maybe Jerome Mincy, I have a pic of Ramon Rivas... hmmmm, i dont know, I have to search around, and that would be a project

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