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Thread: Ethnic/Traditional/Folk music

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    The duo Fatima and Sabreen during "Nujoom al Ghad" (The Stars of Tomorrow) on Sudanese television

    The song is from the Sudanese Hausa tradition

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    "Oror" (also known as "Oror Im Palas" - A traditional Armenian lullaby

    The unforgettable Armenian diva Lusin Zakarian

    Here performed by Mariam Matossian from her "Far From Home" album

    The same song by Onnik Dinkjian


    "Im anush davigh" here by Vartuhi Khatchatrian


    Here a contemporary Armenian-Turkish singer

    Sibil - "Namag" (Letter)


    Rosy Armen - "Belbul"

    The same song "Belbul" in Armenian by the Azeri legend Rashid Behbudov (from the Soviet era)

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    Ya Rayeh, a North African song by musicians on a BBC Arabia recording

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    Sunanda Patnaik (India) - "Nishabada sarada praate"
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    Sigrid Moldestad in a Norwegian folk song "Ein sl kyss"

    and her famous song "Samuline"

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    Nolwenn Leroy - just sensational in a number of songs

    "Tri Martolod"

    "Mna Na H-Eireann" (Women Of Ireland)

    "La jument de michao"

    In cover of "Moonlight Shadow"

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    Afghani (Hazara) song
    Hazara are a minority nation in Afghanistan (majority of Afghani are Pashtun)

    Dawood Sarkhosh - "Safar"

    Dawood Sarkhosh - "Ay Del Ay Del"

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    Garden Song is a song I adore and is now an American folk classic and a children's song.

    I know the versions by John Denver and by the Muppets.

    So you can imagine my absolute delight when I discovered the writer of the song David Mallett doing a superb live version himself. So I thought I put his beautiful live interpretation.

    Here is John Denver

    John Denver and the Muppets with the plants (I kid you not) singing LOL
    You have to see to believe
    This is sheer genius LOL

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    Nasri Shamseddine - a deceased Lebanese folklore singer -

    "Tallou es Seyyadeh"

    The same song but much more modern version by a choir during a festival

    "Kiif halhon, kifon habayebna"

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    Kamal Khan - "Ishq Sufiyana"

    You can follow the words in three lines
    -Roman letters Urdu\Hindi

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    Deep Forest - "Sweet Lullaby"

    It uses within the song the lullaby "Rorogwela" sung by Afinakwa, a Solomon Islands old woman singing it to an orphan chld whose both parents had died for some reason.

    The song is built on the lullaby and develops it into modern sounds with sampling of the woman's haunting voice

    Here's a version with great visual effects by Indian director Tarsem

    Here is just the lullaby itself as recorded by ethnomusicology expert Hugo Zemp

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    "Det str ein friar uti garde"

    Traditional Norwegian folk song


    Pete Seeger and Lillebjrn Nilsen - "Oleanna"

    In English and Norwegian

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    Aram Tigran (Syrian Armenian singer) - "Cene"

    Here he is singing in Zazaki language, an Indo-European language affiliated with Persian language spoken in Turkey with 2-4 million estimated speakers. Now Turkish official ethnic television has a weekly broadcast in Zazaki language, highlighting its culture, which is considerably different from Kurdish and definitely not a Turkic language as Turkish language speakers will immediately realize.

    In any case here is what Wikipedia has to say on Turkey's Zazaki language:

    And here's what it has to say on the artist Aram Tigran



    Here Aram Tigran in Kurdish - "Ay Dilbere"


    Aram Tigran in his native Armenian tongue - "Yerevan"

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    Enrico Macias - "Alleluia (La fte orientale)"

    Arab / Jewish music.
    Four versions of the same song about an Oriental Feast, one recorded for television, the second live at Paris Olympia, the third the actual single on the album. These are with Arabic influences and with mostly Arabic instrumentations and taqaseem.

    The fourth version of the song is more contemporary and not by Enrico Macias at all but by Avi Peretz, an Israeli singer originally from Morocco who sings it in the Mizrahi music tradition in Hebrew with clear Greek influences.

    The photos are from the Olympia 2011 and not in line with the epoque in which he sang them in the 1960s...
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    Fairouz (a Lebanese diva) in a Christian religious chant sung on Good Friday (Crucifiction)
    Even if you are sceptical about Christianity or any religion, take these songs as musical art.
    If you really feel strongly about it and its not for you, just skip...

    "El Youm Oullika Ala khachaba" (Today He Was Put on the Cross)

    "Wa Habeebee" (Oh my love)

    "Ana El Oum El Hazina" (I Am the Sorrowful Mother)

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    Quote Originally Posted by worldbasketball View Post
    Fairouz (a Lebanese diva) in a Christian religious chant sung on Good Friday (Crucifiction)
    Even if you are sceptical about Christianity or any religion, take these songs as musical art.
    If you really feel strongly about it and its not for you, just skip...
    This is a bit OT but speaking of Fairuz, I was heading to my friends' place a few weeks ago here in Athens and I was shocked when I got inside the taxi and heard the driver listening to Fairuz... I asked him after a while about it and he told me that he loves listening to Fairuz's music as it gets him to relax even though he doesn't understand the words and lyrics of the songs.

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    Karen Matheson - "Amazing Grace"

    In Gaelic taken from the compilation album "Celtic Women from Scotland"

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    Folk Music Of India From Blue Lotus Festival

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    Baggaltur featuring the vocal of Jhanna Gurn "Mamma arf a djamma"

    Icelandic traditional folk song

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    Nathan Carter - "Where I Wanna Be"

    This young artist has brought in country , folk and pop together in this modern yet traditional rendition

    This song has been my favourite for quite a few weeks now

    It is in the sub-genre called "Country and Irish" joining elements from US country and Irish folk music and is gaining popularity particularly outside the big cities.

    The most I resemble the phenomenon of Nathan Carter and "Country and Irish" is the development of "sertanejo universitario", the country music of Brazil. mixing country and pop and happy tunes with the accordeon which Nathan plays so well just like they do in Brazil.

    I am listening to "Where I Wanna Be" and I wish I was also in Ireland...

    His greatest hit must be the delightful "Wagon Wheel", which is more mainstream country, but it fits on this page for Ethnic Traditional category

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