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Thread: Is Tournament system in Eurobasket OK ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ip84 View Post
    The problem to make the tournament longer is also for the audience. There where not so many fans at the first stages and will be even less if the whole thing will be longer.
    Maybe the first stages should be taken from hosting country and made at home of one of the NTs at each group.
    Or make it possible to buy tickets just for 1 game and not the whole day, that way tickets would be a lot cheaper and people would save a lot of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MirkoD View Post
    Strongly agree and support that thinking !

    In 2008 Euro Spain and Germany as a finalists
    played 6 games in pace almost 4 days / game.

    Of course there was no 2nd stage...but with 3 more games
    and whole tournament schedule extended to that 3 weeks,
    that would be just ideal.

    I disagree with idea to cancel 2nd stage games...there are more
    positive than negative things. We see a lot of basket and much
    more better comparision between the NTs.
    Winner must put much more effort to reach 1st.

    Just compare this two schedules (Euro, Eurobasket):

    There is one sport organisation, which just don't know how to do his job...
    which one, is crystal clear to me.
    FIBA Europe has a problem that the cannot tell the NBA to make a pause at their schedule and also FIBA-world don't have enough power.
    Besides, preparations as a team right before the games are more impotent in basketball then in football, and this will require more time.
    But I agree that it would be grate if it would be possible.

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    Eurobasket sistem is so bad. Semi-final do in one day , why quarter-finals can do in one day? Because fiba need some money , that why they do quarter-final in not one day.

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    2nd group stage should be removed and the knock-out games should last more. I mean there should be a bigger space within the different stages (quorter finals - semi finals - finals) so that the players can rest a little...

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