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Thread: Will you remember this Eurobasket in 10 years time

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    I wont forget the first game we had against Turkey when the lights went out in the stadium at a crucial point in the game.

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    I will remember it, that's for sure. Eurobasket first gold medal for Spain.

    I don't think people from other countries have many reasons to remember it.

    Maybe people from Great Britain (almost beat Spain, first major tournament after many years), Serbia (born of a new generation), Slovenia (good tournament, unforgetable semis) and Greece (unforgetable quarters) could remember some particular moments.

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    definatly nothing good to remember for us israelis, also hasnt been an exciting EB.. it was ok but nothing special

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    On a personnel level yes i will remember it.

    The reason, because 2 Scottish GB players are former team mates of mine.
    It was nice to be over here in Greece and be able to watch them compete against the best.

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    I will remember of it just because I was there.

    In the final stage however, I didn't see any decent bball being played (spain excluded).

    It's the system that's exhausting for the players! Please someone cancel the 2nd group stage! It's totally useless!!!!!

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