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I don't know why you compare Iran with these countries ?? I can't see any similarity !

why you think they surely can do what Iran do ? our records in the world of sport is much much better. Qatar is nothing without naturalizing and the rest can't win a single olympic medal !
Yes, yes, I am sorry mohsena2631. I did not mean to offend you or to start trouble for the people of Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, or even the Philippines. I think that Iran is a very good country. I even believe, even though I live in the United States, that Iran is treated not rightly by America in politics, and that how America treats Iran is not righteous, when they should be treating Iran as an equal, rather than as an inferior, and I do not agree with the way that the American government treats Iran. But I also believe that Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, and the Philippines are very good countries also, and that they are just as good as Iran, and blessed in their own different ways.

The more I get older, I like to think that I become wiser and wiser and more full of grace, and the more I get older the more I see that every country has something, and some advantages over other countries of the world and some blessings that no other countries have and that makes that country unique, different, and blessed compared to other countries. As well, I see that every country, without exception, even America, has its drawbacks and faults, that no country is perfect and without flaw, and that every country also has their unique disadvantages that no other country has. These checks and balance, pluses and minuses, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, effectively even out that country out to the other countries of the Earth, and the combination of them make them unique, but equal to every other country.

I have also traveled abroad to many other countries over the course of my lifetime, and I have seen that every country has their good points and bad points to it, and that those good points and bad points even out and make it so that that country is equal to other countries, no better and no worse. But when I have traveled abroad, I tried to make it so that I traveled with a humble eye, and not an arrogant one or a haughty one, so that I would view things in a fair, unbiased, unprejudiced, and balanced way, and not with the preconceived notion that I am a king visiting a beggar's country.

I have also seen the different blessings of the different nations: I have seen that some nations are good in sports, but not in beauty, some nations beauty, but not in sports, some nations have great intelligence, and wealth, and power, while others have great voices, and some great land--such as beautiful plants and animals, and some nations do not have that, but have great natural resources, such as precious metals and stones, oil and minerals, that enable them to become a global force and for that nation that has them to never do without, unlike still other great nations, which sometimes even have to bring in their own food from other lands to feed their own people. And there are still other great blessings that nations have that oftentimes other nations don't have, that still don't make them better than other nations but that make them unique, that I have not mentioned here, too countless to even list.

But whatever I have seen and wherever I have looked, I have seen it that every nation has great blessings in its people and land, and that it is like a saying that a wise man once said, paraphrasing him, but not exactly quoting him, because I don't remember exactly what he said or the exact person who said it, but I believe that he said something like this (Sorry for the improper use of quotations, but I feel that there is no other way): "Don't look down upon anyone, because everyone has their hour and every creature has its place under the sun", or something like that.

I am just saying that although I have paid attention to international basketball for several years now, when the 2010 World Championships of Basketball comes, I will not pay attention to it anymore, or to who wins. And I will stop paying attention to international basketball because of the great amount of importation of players by eventually every nation on Earth and the use of FIBA's one naturalized player rule by eventually every nation around the world also. As I said before in my previous post, these flaws and mistakes in the competition system make it so that no matter what, the nations that win the international basketball competitions and that earns a higher place in the ranking is not necessarily the one who is the best in basketball, but rather the one who is the best in strategizing and the recruitment of good players from other countries. And so any competition with these countries based on the current set of rules that FIBA has in place is invalid and questionable and the results skewed and distorted. Whoever wins the competitions and earns a higher place in the ranking is not necessarily the one which raises the best basketball players or even who is good in basketball, but is merely good at planning and preparation, and makes the actual competition, because the players are not basketball players from the country that they are competing for, invalid Because of this, I will no longer be paying attention to international basketball or international basketball competitions, especially since, with the system FIBA has now, what I believe are the flaws in the system, allowing more and more importation of players who were not born and raised in the country that they are playing basketball in, and more and more naturalization of players, is becoming more and more widespread and happening more and more, because more and more countries are competing and doing everything in their power to try to win, without regard to fair play and to the spirit of fair competition and being upright, straight and square, which is amoral, and ruins the competition altogether. Countries are now doing anything and recruiting any players just to win, without regard to whether they have strong ties to theri country or not, even though FIBA basketball competitions are national basketball competitions between nations for the bad things of honor and glory. And this problem is only getting worse and worse and not better and better as time goes on, as more and more countries become dirty and do anything and use any means necessary to win.

And so the flaws are increasing and making the results of the competitions more and more messed up and more and more skewed, and distorting which country really natively raises the best basketball players, the players raised on its country's own home soil. And so no proper competition and accurate ranking can be arrived at using the FIBA's crrent rules.

So, I guess in conclusion no fair competition and no accurate ranking can be arrived at and determined. And so in light of that, I conclude that we are all equal after all, and that whichever nation is better at basketball depends not upon the nation itself, but rather only upon the individual person you are judging.