Breast Milk Lovers

In the ancient world, breast milk was sometimes consumed by fertility cults, and in other religious ceremonies.

Spanish king Alfonso XIII visited the backward region of Las Hurdes in 1922 in order to display the concern of the crown. The king and his retinue lived in military tents planted near the town of Casares de las Hurdes. During the king's visit a strange incident took place: A local village chief, concerned that the king was drinking only black coffee (a consequence of the king's aides distrusting the quality of the local milk owing to unsanitary conditions in the area) served the king a small jug of milk saying, "Your Majesty rest assured that this milk is totally trustworthy", which turned out to be breast milk from his wife who had recently given birth. The king became aware of this fact only after having had his café con leche.

In Costa Rica, there have been trials to produce cheese and custard from human milk as an alternative to weaning.

A controversial Swiss restaurateur has created a menu based around foods cooked in human breast milk.

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