Greek loby rulz

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  1. uhg80
    And a last one:

  2. ArkadiosV2
    LOL ugh80, good one
  3. fasoulaki
    "Greek Lobby" introduces Jetlag into basketball tactics.
    Well informed sources reported that already decades ago the Greek LOBBY invented intercontinental flights to exploit time shift induced fatigue as a strategic advantage in basketball games. The latest victim has been the Canadian national team which has been perfidiously outscored by the Greeks in the run-up of the upcoming basketball worldchampionship.
  4. Red 7
    Red 7
    Hi Guys,

    ACB.COM is hosting a Eurobasket 2011 fantasy event which is really good. I've created a group: Name:; Pass: inb

    It would be cool to get some interbasket action going!!
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