The Israeli Loby :)

  1. MaccabiTA
    All Israelis (and bored non-Israelis) can join
  2. Billy Bounce
    Billy Bounce
    This loby thing is so Greek, I'd go for another name ..

    What about "Youngsters of Zion" ?
  3. MaccabiTA
    haha nice idea wonder if i can change the name
  4. felix_r
    We have only Mizrahi against the rest of the world
  5. MaccabiTA
    hmmm second loss in a row.. we need to start bribing people like the greeks
  6. MikeMaccabiFan
    I joined, though lobby should have double "b"
  7. MaccabiTA
    nah, it works great for the greeks with one b is well
  8. Prometheus on fire
    Prometheus on fire
    The land of Zion and Interbasket!
  9. Prometheus on fire
    Prometheus on fire

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